Find alleles matching SNV

Enter one or several SNV
to find possibly matching and related alleles

Maximal number of SNV: 50
Currently, single nucleotide substitutions will be interpreted correctly
Note: No intention to interpret: conversions, inversions, complex insertions
Note: Alpha version, do not expect valid result

Use option cDNA if you indicate the position of the SNV in the cDNA resp relative to cDNA for intronic variants (e.g. c.486+1G>A for RHD*01EL.08
Use option genomic Refseq if you indicate the nucleotide position in the respective Refseq (RHD: A of ATG is ???
Use option genomic GRCh38.p13 if you indicate the nucleotide position according to GRCh38.p13 (RHD: A of ATG is 25272548)

SNV present: